Teel PVDF pipeTeel can manufacture piping in the high-strength, chemically resistant material PVDF. PVDF pipe is suitable for industries ranging from food processing to oil and gas to chemical processing and more.

Teel’s PVDF pipe, available in sticks and spools, meets or exceeds performance standards for a variety of industries. PVDF is an especially strong, rigid material with chemical and electrical properties that make it a high-performance option for numerous applications from transporting oil and gas to processing harsh chemicals. PVDF is also commonly used in the food service industry because it meets all FDA requirements, does not impart any taste or odor to the food, and is resistant to a variety of sterilization methods.


  • Highly resistant to chemicals, including acids, halogenated solvents, and hydrocarbon mixtures
  • Very strong and durable, with excellent resistance to bending and breaking
  • Low permeation
  • High purity
  • Heat resistant
  • Weld processable



Teel PVDF Pipe Information

PVDF Pipe Info Sheet


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