Teel Plastics has been producing pipe for demanding applications for over a decade. We provide products to a number of markets using polyethylene, polyamide, and engineering grade resins. Our industrial pipe products are produced in Baraboo, Wisconsin in the heart of the Midwest in a newly renovated facility. We focus on producing high quality parts at the best total value and have been ISO 9001 certified for manufacturing operations for over twenty years. We also carry ISO 13485 certification for our quality system, which is a risk-focused requirement typically used in the medical device space. In addition, we have an independent lab in-house to support our operations that carries ISO 17025 certification for analytical testing and quality control work to ensure reliability in our data. 

In addition to piping products, Teel focuses on technology-driven products and new markets with unique product families. We excel in the plastic core, water treatment, cosmetics, and disposable medical product markets. We support our markets with top notch technology, and an experienced engineering team. Our Laboratory Sampling Products Division continues to develop innovative sampling bag products for new customer uses. In addition, Teel manufactures a custom compounded device for the pest control market through its TeelDAS subsidiary.

Our business has grown significantly through its commitment to meet customer needs on a consistent basis. “Providing quality and service second to none” drives a company culture of continuous improvement and helps foster skilled and experienced employees dedicated to long-term customer and supplier relationships. Teel is honored to have longstanding alliances. These relationships are critical to our ongoing success.

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