PA 12 p

PA 12 Gas Pipe

Teel’s polyamide 12 gas pipe is made from polyamide material that meets or exceeds regulatory, performance, and cell classification standards for gas applications up to 250 psi. It is compliant with PHMSA requirements for regulated gas distribution operations and is compliant with all standard joining techniques.

PA 12 is an innovative material that offers numerous benefits compared to alternatives:

PA Compared to PE

  • Higher operating pressures — allowed up to 250 psig
  • No chemical deration
  • Higher temperature performance
  • Lower gas permeation
  • Squeeze-off compatible
  • Works with electrofusion and butt fusion
  • More scratch and abrasion resistant for rocky soil

PA Compared to Steel

  • Much faster install rate – no welding
  • No need for 100% inspection of joints
  • Spoolable up to 4″
  • Can be hot-tapped
  • Can be plowed and installed by HDD
  • No reaction to sour or wet gas
  • No cathodic protection required

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