Teel multiduct seven wayTeel’s multiduct combines multiple Teel microducts with JetGlide into a joined pathway. A variety of innerduct configurations are available including options with toning wires and rip cords.

Teel’s multiduct combines multiple microducts into a joined pathway. The flexible ducts provide for clean, continuous, low-friction fiber optic cable delivery. Teel’s multiduct is available in multiple configurations and with multiple sizes of microduct. All microduct includes JetGlide additive to reduce friction and make installation easier.

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Teel Plastics is a USA owned and operated manufacturer, meaning when you choose multiduct from Teel, you’re supporting US workers and the US manufacturing industry. Build local. Buy local. Teel Plastics.


Teel Multiduct Information

Multiduct Data Sheet – Two Way

Multiduct Data Sheet – Three Way

Multiduct Data Sheet – Four Way

Multiduct Data Sheet – Seven Way

Multiduct Data Sheet – Twelve Way

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